What is at stake – The Consequences?

The American society at large has forgotten that they all came to this country because it was a beacon of hope and will always be. We constantly need to remind ourselves that we need to unite together and reconnect with our immigrant past.
In the recent times, the immigrants are not able to contribute their fullest to the American communities, live open, be free, and have productive life unless liberated from hatred, discrimination, detention, and deportation.
Due to the current political scenario, there has been a dramatic change in the nation’s attitudes and concerns about the status of immigrants, safety, vigilance, and privacy. Fear pervades lives and the American politics. The most persistent fear in the society has been the fear of outsiders and immigrants.

Unity4Case is a platform that promotes and contributes to the American society as well as sustains the values of cultural unity in diversity in the USA. Our focus is to change the quality of life for the second and third generation and leave a valuable legacy behind. The project aims at shining the light on the Indian value system, promote cultural values and leave an impression that Indians are an extremely credible population and if given chance can bolster the progress of the USA. The first generation aims to help fellow Indo-Americans get their deserved national recognition, political support, charitable giving and preserve the vibrant culture.

The challenges we face as an Indian community!

Complex social failures require flexible approaches, new models, and improved visibility of the good amongst Asian Immigrants. Every day with new ideas, strength in numbers, and partnership with the like-minded, innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and similar organizations – with the broad community of concern, Unity4Cause seeks to address to the following problems;

  • Low social visibility as a contributing community
  • Migration Laws & Racial discrimination, weak leadership and political representation
  • No voice that represents a common agenda, less number of self-help groups and support groups
  • Too much diversity due to culture/language/origins, a prevalent regional divide amongst their own self
  • Very little in overall numbers when compared to the immigrants from several other geographies
  • They face jealousy of certain underperforming class of White Americans due to the success of some select Asian Indian immigrants.
  • Lack of empathy from similar immigrant groups from other, dwindling value system due to non-family based immigration laws – The technocrat immigrants are very young and new to the American Geography – thus are Isolated & marginalized.
  • Coming years have a very little in store in terms of opportunities due to the emerging policies

imagine – the impact

  • Create the environment of empathy amongst each other.
  • Represent a voice of a peaceful and a contributing community.
  • Sustain the Indian value system and become a united cohesive force.
  • Social upliftment that helps promote the goals of the Indo American Society.
  • Social upliftment that helps promote the goals of the Indo American Society.
  • Establish cordial & social relations through with other immigrants groups from other geographies and create a cohesive force of
    immigrants in the USA.
  • Be instrumental in rebuilding the great American dream for all communities with a collaborative attitude and an understanding
    of their social issues and help overcome the socio-economic challenges.

unity – strength in numbers

Not in numbers but in unity our strength lies.

The population of Indo-Americans in the USA is increasing. When nationally united, their strong voice can make a profound impact on the important causes for our community. With a membership of 500,000 people, they can make the American media listen to the voice of the Indo-Americans.

It’s time Indians get together to make a difference and gain national recognition for their valuable contributions to the society like humanitarian, volunteer and goodwill efforts, influence in advanced sciences, business leadership, healthcare, technology. We are a positive force striving to educate the next-gen millennial the importance of preserving the Indian traditions, family values etc.

Get Involved Let’s pledge to make the future for our second generation better

Our numbers are the key. With large numbers, we will gain visibility and credibility when we speak out. Leveraging the strength of membership we will garner national attention in the press and on social media. Let’s get that national spotlight to shine on us!! As a respectable group of people that have a positive impact on American society.

If you believe in our cause for unity, then you believe in US!

Join our efforts to promote the collective voice of Indo-Americans and advocate its value.