Unity4Cause is a Non-profit Organization, established by a group of Indians in the USA that aims to deal with issues like politics, humanitarian causes, non-violence, cultural pride, women’s empowerment. It is a platform designed to help raise a collective voice for the fellow Indo-Americans and garner national attention.

The foundation works closely to help the Indians in the USA live their best life story and leave a valuable legacy behind. Our endeavour is to shine the light on the Indian value system and leave a lasting impression on the Americans that Indians are an extremely credible population for the greater good of the US.


To unite the Indians in the USA to forge national recognition and promote the Indian values as well as highlight their abundant contribution to the society. We aim to raise a strong collaborative voice and garner national attention by letting the communities of the USA know about the Indians as an extremely credible population.

The population of Indo-Americans in the USA is on a rise. Unity4Cause aims to provide a nationally united community with a prominent voice to have a profound impact on causes of importance and represent an encompassing narrative.
As there is always strength in numbers. With large numbers, we can have representation of our voice in matters as related to immigration, business ventures, access to government programs, cultural considerations and finally fair representation to the minorities.

The collective contributions will be made visible as a shining the light on the Indo-American collaborative spirit as non-violent, peaceful community with cultural pride, strong family values and as abundant contributors to American society.


To create a platform that allows Indo-Americans to outreach, collaborate and communicate to the greater USA nationals. Our mission is to empower and integrate all the community organizations under one umbrella to represent the collective voice of Indo-Americans and achieve a national recognition.

Have volunteers participate and represent the community with actions on Political Issues, Humanitarian Causes, Oppression of the Minorities, Preserve Cultural Pride, Women’s Empowerment.


Over three generations, the Asian Indian immigrants have co-existed in the USA spreading its vibrant culture, strong family values and have earned our community a reputation of intelligent, successful people in the United States of America

The objective of Unity4Cause is to leave behind a legacy with the 2nd generation and the 3rd generation of immigrant Indians and lead as a united community with a strong collaborative voice. Our aim is to gain national recognition, political support, and contribute through various charitable causes to the American Society.

limelight these contributions and let the world know that Indians in the American society are a respectable group of people that have a positive impact to the society. Indians represent every field/ industry e.g. NASA, Microsoft, Google, Pepsi, MasterCard etc.

They have a notifiable involvement in the politics as well as armed services and are the first responders to support natural disasters by volunteering in programs such as meals on wheels and the American Red Cross.

Unity4Cause is an initiative to bring into limelight these contributions and let the world know that Indians in the American society are a respectable group of people that have a positive impact to the society. Indians represent every field/ industry e.g. NASA, Microsoft, Google, Pepsi, MasterCard etc.


  • Co-founder of Sun Microsystems- Vinod Khosla.
  • The founder and creator of Hotmail – Sabeer Bhatia.
  • The GM of Hewlett Packard – Rajiv Gupta.
  • The Chief Executive of Mckensey – Rajat Gupta
  • The Chief Executive of Standard Charted Bank – Rana Talwar.
  • The creator of the Pentium chip – Vinod Dham.
  • The president of AT & T-Bell Labs – Arun Netravalli.
  • The new MTD (Microsoft Testing Director) of Windows 2000 – Sanjay Tejwrika.
  • The Chief Executives of CitiBank – Victor Menezes
  • Dean of Harvard College – Rakesh Khurana
  • Dean of Harvard Business School (HBS) – Nitin Nohria
  • Dean of Chicago University’s Booth School of Business – Sunil Kumar,
  • Dean—of the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University – Soumitra Dutta
  • Dean of the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management – Srilatha Zaheer,
  • Professor for the Theory and Practice of Medicine at Stanford University Medical School and Senior Associate Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine – Abraham Verghese
  • Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. – Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee
  • Current dean of INSEAD (an influential French business school), Ex- dean of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management until 2010. – Dipak C. Jain
    The Rutgers School of Business-Camden – Jaishankar Ganesh
  • The Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. – G. (Anand) Anandalingam
  • Indians also own nearly 40% of all the small and mid-size hotels in the country.
  • Indians constitute 10% of all medical students in America.
  • Indian doctors, numbering more than 35,000, constitute over 5% of all physicians in America.
  • 3/4th of all graduates from the prestigious IIT University in India are in the U.S.
  • 35% Biosciences
  • 29% Defence
  • 36%Aerospace / Scientists at NASA
  • 28% Computers/Communications
  • 29% Innovation/Manufacturing-Related Services
  • 32% Semiconductors
  • 39% Environmental
  • 25% of the nation’s start-ups
  • 52% companies in Silicon Valley are founded by Indians
  • 33% Software professionals of which 34% are employees at Microsoft and 28% at IBM, 17% at Intel and 13% at Xerox are Indians