Teamwork and Collaboration,
can help achieve wonderful things…

The founder of a multi-million dollar global conglomerate, Mr.Piyush Patel is an accomplished entrepreneur with a business presence in the USA, Europe and Asia. His business venture encompasses a multitude of industries such as real estate development, manufacturing, technology, hospitality, textiles, fruit farm and performing arts centers.

He is a pioneer in manufacturing Amul dairy products in the USA. He is quick to spot innovations and products that can bring revolution and has perfected the art of growing with simple strategies and adopting an “upside down” approach.

Piyush devotes much of his time to humanitarian causes in both the USA and in his native land. Fuelled by passion and driven by spirit, he has risen to become one of the first entrepreneur to build the five-star Piyush Palace hotel & resort with charity as his primary mission. Developing and supporting projects for children’s education and senior citizens is of high importance to Mr. Patel, and his generosity has helped build Gokul Village Kheda District where more than 500 orphaned children study and live.

Piyush is the first person of Indian ancestry to be inducted into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame for his business contributions and philanthropy with the Irish community. Mr. Patel is a Chairman and Board Member on several corporations, non-profits and community organizations in the USA.